Vermont Vendors Travel Together to Take on Massachusetts
Our States - Vermont
Written by Lara Zelman   
I love that every time I go to the farmers market I have the opportunity to meet new people and learn their story. At the Russell’s Garden Center Summer Farmers' Market, I met two wonderful women and chatted with them about their locally made foods. 

First, I was drawn in by a table full of delicious looking sauces. I met Sandra Hunt at Vermont Gourmet Candy Dish. The name was slightly deceiving, as Sandra and her husband Bruce have a delectable line of gourmet savory sauces, jams, and chocolate and caramel sauces. She was a realtor for most of her professional life and her husband worked in business for over 30 years. Making sauces and cooking was always a hobby and they have retired and now spend their time doing what they love.  
Vermont Cheesemakers Festival: Dreamland
Our States - Vermont
Written by Jane Ward   
We made the trip to Shelburne Farms, on the banks of Lake Champlain, for the 2010 Vermont Cheesemakers Festival.  Covering over 400 acres of land, this farm consists of a whole lot of green – lawns, woods, gardens, hills, grazing pastures – and not a lot of man-made structures outside of the inn, a working dairy and some barns. After a three and one-half hour drive, the last couple of miles on dirt road, this felt like the back of beyond; we hardly registered that Burlington, the state’s capital city, is not far away on the opposite shore of Lake Champlain.  
Shelburne Farms, created in 1886 as an agricultural estate and summer home, became in 1972 a working conservation and environmental education estate, a not-for-profit enterprise.  The Farm’s mission directs that they “cultivate a conservation ethic…practice rural land uses that are environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable…sustain healthy agricultural practices that maintain fertile soil into the future.”


What's In Season? 


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