Mystic Brewery Saison Belgian-Style Farmhouse Ale
Our States - Massachusetts
Written by Michelle Lahey   

Heartfelt dedication and good beer are just two of the things that make up Mystic Brewery.


Located in Chelsea, this small brewery has quite the big story behind it. The brewery is dedicated to the memory of Mystic’s founder, Bryan's, father who worked hard to support his family.

mystic brewerySadly, his father died from lymphoma just as he finally had the chance to relax in life. One of Bryan’s father’s favorite ways to relax was to enjoy a glass of beer with every family dinner.

Since it's located in the Mystic Valley, Mystic Brewery is appropriately named. Their line-up of beers includes malts, cordials, and abbeys, but the one thrown back for the sake of this article is the Saison Belgian-Style Farmhouse Ale.

Like all of Mystic's saisons, this seasonal brew is fermented with Renaud, their saison yeast. Clocking in at 7.0% ABV, the alcohol is a little on the heavier side, but its strength is hard to detect in its taste (read: sip slowly). Fresh lemon and herbal notes are apparent on the nose, while the finish possesses an almost peppery flavor. The brewers recommend enjoying this libation at 50 degrees, but this imbiber enjoyed it just fine straight from the refrigerator. Just be patient waiting for the foamy white head to go down before drinking.

Saisons pair best with a wide variety of food, but this brew had enough flavor to stand up on its own. This crisp and refreshing ale would also be ideal for sipping under the sun at a summer barbecue. After all, is there any combination better than burgers and beer?


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