Chef Tony Maws
Our States - Massachusetts
Written by LIS Staff   
Let's make it plain, Chef Tony Maws of Craigie On Main is a food hero to us here at Local In Season.  And we are not alone. Hundreds of Maws' faithful as well as more and more curious newcomers flock to 853 Main Street in Cambridge each week to treat themselves to a meal that is of the utmost freshness, creativity, and taste. Chef Maws and Craigie On Main have received too many awards to name, but there is something more impressive to us here at Local In Season than any of those awards. Chef Maws doesn't merely oversee his team.  Almost every night, he works shoulder to shoulder with his team as a line cook. His passion for food and respect for ingredients come through loud and clear with each dish he crafts.
We had the opportunity to speak with one of our food heroes, Chef Maws, in mid-July.
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