Gritty's Best Brown
Our States - Maine
Written by Michelle Collins   

Portland, Maine is home to a lot of great things – including some amazing restaurants and chefs, beautiful seaside views, and Gritty McDuff’s Brewing  Company.


With awards like "Maine's Best Brew Pub,” "Best Maine Microbrew" and "Best Bar" on its shelf, it’s no surprise that Gritty’s has been a Maine staple since 1988. In addition to their brewery in Portland, Gritty’s also has brew pubs in Freeport and Auburn. Their beer line-up includes a Scottish ale, their 21 I.P.A., and their Best Brown Ale.

Gritty’s Best Brown Ale is a light-bodied brew, clocking in at 4.8% abv. The color resembles copper, with a thick, foamy head and countless bubbles of carbonation. On the palate, the ale is initially chocked full of caramel flavor, but unfortunately falls flat soon thereafter. The aroma of the brown ale is slightly sweet, and the malt and yeast in the glass is apparent. 



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