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Life can get a bit busy. You know, when you’re constantly going and doing and you’re lucky you remember to comb your hair in the morning. Well, right now I think my garden is a reflection of the current hectic nature of our life outside the garden. Don’t get me wrong, everything is actually growing well and I’m not really complaining, but it’s kind of turning into a jungle. Things are looking a little wild.


I am even behind on sharing my gardening experience with all of you.  For instance, I shot this video diary entry about the delight of finding zucchini and squash flowers a couple weeks ago. Since that time, I’ve gone from enjoying the delicacy of lightly fried zucchini flowers to a steady stream of zucchini. And when I say steady stream, I’m talking picking a few every day. I suppose it’s a matter of be careful what you wish for. In all honestly, I love having the problem of too many wonderful things growing in my garden. I think my neighbors and friends agree, seeing as how many of them have been the recipients of my garden’s bounty.

So, why share this recipe? Well, as long as the plants are producing and growing strong, I can still enjoy plucking a few flowers. But, I must admit, I will never forget this year’s first taste of this seasonal favorite. It was all the more sweet knowing I grew them myself.

Fried Zucchini Flowers


18-20 squash flowers

1 large egg

1 cup flour

1 cup chilled water

Salt (to taste)

Vegetable oil

Olive oil


Prep the flowers: gently remove the leaves at the base of the flower and remove the stamen. Then rinse both inside and outside of flowers. Drain them in a colander. Then spread them out on a towel.

Make the batter: in a shallow dish whisk the egg by itself first, then whisk in the water and flour. Whisk until any lumps disappear. You want it to be a really light batter. If you need to add more water feel free. Add a pinch of salt.

In a deep sauté pan heat over medium high equal parts vegetable oil and olive oil. You want the oil to be about 1/2 inch deep.

Once the oil is hot start lightly dipping the flowers into the batter letting any extra batter drip off. Then immediately put them into the oil. Work in batches - 3-4 flowers in the pan at one time.

Fry until lightly golden on one side, then flip and fry until golden on the second side.

When golden all around, gently remove the flower from the pan and place on a cooling rack lined with a towel to allow the extra oil to drain off. The cooked flowers should be delicate and crisp. Give the cooked flowers a touch more salt.

Serve immediately.

I’ll be taking some time now to tend to my garden chaos. My beans need some TLC seeing as how the zucchini plants are starting to overshadow them. I have some new crops nearly ready for picking and, yes, there are more squash and zucchini to harvest.

If you have any new and interesting ways to prepare zucchini please share… really, please share!


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  1. I'm sure you know daylily petals are just as tasty!

    Have you tried zucchini on the grill? Wrap slices in aluminum foil with seasonings of your choice, place the wrap on the grill as you cook the dogs and burgers. It don't take long to cook a great steamy and zesty zucchini side dish!

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