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We’ve had our first harvest of the season! It might only have been a little lettuce and lots of kale but it was a harvest nonetheless. A handful of walnuts and simple balsamic vinaigrette was all that it needed. I just can’t get over how tender the kale leaves are when eaten immediately after picking. We’ve always enjoyed kale, but I swear our homegrown kale is simply the best!

If our first harvest is any indication, this year’s garden promises to be a better producer than last year. Here’s the rundown: The carrots appear considerably stronger than last year. The hot and sweet pepper plants all have flowers. There is even a pepper already forming on one of the Chinese Five Color pepper plants. The beans seemed to struggle a bit at first but they are starting to look good. The lemon squash and zucchini plants are amazing. I have yet to figure out how to wrangle them with the square foot gardening method because quite frankly they grow so large and are starting to overshadow some nearby plants. On that note, the zucchini plants I threw into the extra space in sunflower plot are looking out of this world! They have grown to what I’m calling prehistoric size. Maybe my chant of “zucchini flowers, zucchini flowers, zucchini flowers” is working! The tomato plants are growing at a great speed with lots of flowers.


However, not everything is 100% perfect. To paraphrase my reaction upon walking into the garden one sunny dew filled morning: “Darn! Darn! Darn!” I am in a battle with the three-lined potato beetle. They have been munching away on my tomatillos. When I saw the slimy, and I do mean slimy, larvae covering the few leaves I panicked, you might even say I freaked out. And though I hate to admit it, I am a stereotypical girl who runs from bugs. Eww! Thankfully my husband stepped up to the plate and with gloved hands careful began squishing and removing the larvae and eggs. Every morning he now heads into the garden to check on things. I don’t want to declare victory prematurely, but the last few mornings we’ve been bug, larvae and egg free.


What are successes without a few struggles? I’m staying positive because overall things really are doing well. So, how is your garden doing?



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