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From the Garden Plot: Progress!

I love this time of year. My seedlings are growing in their basement nursery and outside spring is showing it’s sunny self again. It’s a time full of promise and potential.

Speaking of potential, I am once again amazed at all the potential held in one small seed. A little warmth, water, light and love and in a few months it’ll be returning the favor in the form of, well, dinner.

Which leads to me my seedling run down. Overall, everything is progressing nicely.

I am, quite frankly, ridiculously excited that a few of my eggplant seeds have sprouted this year! On the other hand, the onions aren’t looking quite as prolific as I had hoped.  At least I’ll have a few to put in the garden and that is certainly better than none. The tomatoes and tomatillos are growing like crazy this year, even better than last year. The sweet peppers are looking good and the hot peppers are growing fairly well. The cayenne pepper seeds struggled a bit this year so I only have one lone seedling, but it’s looking good so I will not complain.

Outside there is another kind of progress. We have been working furiously on the expanded garden fence. I wanted something more permanent that would look nice (after all my neighbors have a clear view of the garden from their front windows). Thus, holes have been dug and cement has been poured.  Now, one thing you need to know about my Italian heritage is that no matter what we’re building there will be cement involved, lots of cement. I figure this garden fence will withstand hurricane force winds without any trouble. Next up comes the wood structure. Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without the help of the two most important men in my life, my husband and my dad. I owe them both a bountiful dinner picked from the garden.

So on this weekend’s to do list: Start the squash and zucchini seeds inside, direct sow the seeds for Swiss chard, kale, carrots, and lettuce and get this fence one step closer to completion.

Looks like things are going to stay busy around here and, to be honest, I’m loving every minute. 



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