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From the Garden Plot: Plans Coming Together

To answer your question right off the bat … Yes, I totally went overboard when ordering new seeds this year. I couldn’t help it, I simply want to grow it all. And, to be honest, while I have plans to grow a ton of things, first let’s just see if I can get them all to germinate and become happy little seedlings. One step at a time.

Speaking of which, my next step is to plan when I need to start what seeds. The last frost date in my area is around May 15th, so to be on the safe side I plan to have everything go in the ground Memorial Day weekend when the threat of frost is pretty much a distant memory. From there, based on how long certain seeds need, I count backwards. For instance I’ll need to start my tomatoes and tomatillos about 8 eights before I plan to plant them outside. I haven’t gone through all my seeds yet, but it looks like my cayenne peppers need about 10 weeks of inside TLC before going outside, so that puts my official start date at around March 15th. Truly, that’s not all that far away.

Once I have my seed starting plan in order, I need to make sure I have all my seed starting supplies. Since I’m starting SO many more plants myself this year I need to make sure I have enough seed starting containers. I’ll definitely need to buy an extra light. Plus, I want to try a neat trick I learned about that will boost the light and warmth on my seedlings.

It looks like a trip to the home improvement store is in my near future. I can’t wait to get started!


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  1. I love the Garden plot series! Great post Alicia - I love the video-blog format!

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