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You would think that post holiday season I’ve had it up to here with the stacks of catalogs appearing in my mailbox. Actually, not at all. Why? Well, I have entered a new type of season – seed catalog season. That means it’s time to start thinking about my garden!With all my “oohs and ahs” you would think I’m flipping through a shoe catalog or something. But honestly, some of these catalogs are beautiful and the photos inspiring. Yes, I want to grow this, and that, and that.When you get down to it, there are a lot of decisions to make right now:


What to plant? Do I stick with all the usual characters like tomatoes, eggplant, squash, peppers, etc. or do I add in a few new cast members? Even if I grow, say tomatoes again, do I plant the same varieties? I mean tomatoes come in a seemingly endless variety of colors and shapes.

Then there’s the question, what type of seeds do I want to use? Hybrid, organic, heirloom? I lean towards heirloom and organic. So, then which company offers the best prices for what I want?

Plus seeing as how this will only be my second year tending to a garden I want to try everything. I know what worked and what didn’t last year, but there are so many vegetables I haven’t even tried to grow yet. Not to mention, that just because something worked or didn’t work last year doesn’t mean I should give up on it all together. Maybe I just need to select a different variety. Maybe the weather conditions will be better for certain things than others. It’s all a bit overwhelming.I need to focus. One factor to help me focus is that thanks to proper storage the seeds leftover from last year are still perfectly good to use this year. Another important thing for my focus is to consider how big the garden will be this year. Even with my planned expansion there is only so much space and I don’t want to overcrowd.

As long as I stay focused and practical I don’t think I run the risk of over-ordering…but, oh, just look at all these …



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