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From the Garden Plot: Summer Abundance
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Written by Alicia Ghio   
Getting out the door for a long weekend getaway is never easy. I think I’ve covered all the bases, but inevitably forget something. 

And so, it was not until the ride home from Newport, RI that I realized I forgot to have someone water my garden while we were away and that there was basically nothing in the house to eat for dinner upon our return. Cereal anyone? 

As we turned into our driveway the garden came into view … holy cow! The garden welcomed us home with the open arms of summer abundance. Thoughts of cereal swiftly retreated to the cupboard. Dinner was not going to be a problem.

I dashed into the house, grabbed a basket and went out to pick our supper. Yellow pear and Brandywine tomatoes, tomatillos, a Hungarian black pepper, an onion, an eggplant, and, of course, kale. The garden gave us dinner and then some. Plus, in a few more days I can see I’ll have even more to add to the harvest basket.

All in all, I think I can officially declare this veggie garden a success. It might not be perfect and it might not be able to completely feed us, but it is in my mind a success. It feels so fulfilling to even take baby steps towards greater self-sufficiency. Between the local farmer’s markets, farm stands and our garden we eat not only healthfully, but also deliciously!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself; after all, there’s still plenty of time left to this growing season. However, I must admit plans for next year are already tumbling around my head.



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