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From the Garden Plot: Frustrated
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Written by Alicia Ghio   
Frustrated. Frustrated. Frustrated. That pretty much about sums it up. Since my last update there have been many struggles. 

The Bad and The Ugly

Remember that adorable little cayenne pepper in one of the photographs from my last update? Well, it’s gone, disappeared, vanished. Something ate it! There was no evidence to trace the theft back to the culprit.

Literally overnight two of my squash plants shriveled and died. I really do mean overnight. I checked in on the garden before heading inside for the evening and all appeared well. The next morning I checked in and they were dead. Now only one squash plant remains. This plant isn’t a star either; it seems to get flowers but they die and no squash.

The Swiss chard just isn’t reaching it’s full potential. The leaves remain small. While the tender baby-sized leaves are delicious I was hoping for something more robust.

A few pepper plants don’t seem to be thriving either. In fact, two of them have not had any flowers. I’m still hoping for a miracle here.

Due to my own fault, my bush beans are neither bushy nor beany. The tomato and tomatillo plants are overshadowing them. I should have planted them in another section of the garden. Live and learn I suppose.
Some severe thunderstorms complete with strong winds and hail passed through this week. Thankfully the worst of it passed by my area, however, the winds toppled tomato and tomatillo plants. Once the thunder and lightning passed I dashed out in the rain to restake them.

Boy, does it feel good to vent. It’s just that between battling the critters and dealing with this crazy weather, not to mention my lack of experience, it’s been a rough time as of late for this gardener. With that being said, I am not one to dwell on the negative.

The Good

My tomato and tomatillo plants are ridiculously wild and loaded with fruit! They are all growing into one another and I’ve had to double stake some of them because they are so large. It’s very exciting!

This brings me to a proud repurpose and reuse moment. Last year when we moved into our house we had to remove many ornate curtain rods. They weren’t our taste, but we decided to hold on to them because as my father would say “You never know.” Well, they indeed have come in handy. Most of them are now helping prop up my tomato plants.

Some of my onion plants are looking good. I have a few black Hungarian peppers coming along, with one just about ready for harvest. My bell pepper plants finally have flowers on them. The kale has been my stellar crop so far. Definitely planting that again next year!

It’s been a struggle lately, but I can’t let it get me down. Even a small bit of success is worth all the effort. I’ll get the hang of this … eventually.



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  1. Hang in there Alicia! I find that home gardening brings a certain amount of humility to one's life. Thrive on the successes and relish the fruits (or veggies) of it... If it's any consolation, my very fat-and-happy-neighborhood-groundhog ate all my parsley and cucumber, in about... 1 hour!

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