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From the Garden Plot: Patience and Progress
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Written by Alicia Ghio   

You need patience to be a good gardener. If you don’t have patience, and you stick with gardening, it will teach you patience.”  


~ Bill Turull Jr.

 “People, Places and Plants” magazine, N.E. / N.Y. Edition Summer 2005


Yes, patience. My first vegetable garden is teaching me many things, but patience is at the top of the list.


It’s a fast paced world out there. It seems with each passing year clients at my day job demand tighter and tighter deadlines. Maybe it’s a byproduct of having so much available at our finger tips on demand. Whatever the reason, I think the virtue of patience is becoming lost. With gardening I see it as a requirement.


A few months ago I held small seeds in my hands. Now, I have these amazing green things growing in my garden. The plants have come so far, but each at it’s own steady pace.  To rush things into being doesn’t work well. A ridiculous burst of August type weather in early June and the radishes bolt, the cilantro goes to seed.


Yet, there is progress. The tomatillos have many blossoms. There’s a small bud on a pepper plant. A tomato plant I randomly stuck into an unused flower bed because I ran out room for it in the “official” garden is flowering too. I can harvest young, tender kale leaves any day now.


I now see this garden as a chance to step away, breath some fresh air and enjoy a slower pace. The garden does not like to be rushed. So I water and I tend and I wait.



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