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From the Garden Plot: Planted!
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Written by Alicia Ghio   

I was going to wait until Memorial Day weekend to plant my garden, but it seems my seedlings had other plans. I began hardening them off during the week; but, by the end of the week I knew they were begging to go into their permanent home. They were getting a little too big for their cells and with the beautiful, summer weather predicted for the following week I had to take the leap. So, I did it! 


The pepper plants had no problem adjusting to their new domain. On to the tomatoes. I was a little worried at first when two of the tomato plants were in a bit of shock. A little extra water and they rebounded no problem. To my sheer delight, one of the tomatillo seedlings now has a tiny flower on it! I even had a few extra seedlings that I didn’t plant. I gave two to my cousin and will try to keep the rest hardy to give to my mom. I’m very proud of these little guys. After all, I have been nurturing them from seeds since March.

Elsewhere in the garden things are happening too. The Swiss chard is poking through the soil; same with the kale. I am a bit disappointed though, I only have a lone radish. I was told radishes were one of the easiest things to grow. Oh well, I’ll just plant a few extra seeds and we’ll see if they do better than the first batch. There are also tiny carrot leaves peeking up through the soil too.

I also planted a couple bush bean seeds. That leaves a few empty spaces in the garden which I plan to fill with plants from the local nursery: zucchini, eggplant and cucumbers. I must admit, sure I like zucchini, but I really want the zucchini plant for the flowers. Fried zucchini flowers “just like grandma used to make” are a must on my summer menu!

How is my backyard garden competitor doing? Very nicely!

Much to her father’s dismay the Brussels sprouts are growing quite well. According to mom, the importance of good soil is one lesson they’ve learned so far. It seems the lettuce plant they gave their neighbor is growing by leaps and bounds after being transferred to that garden as compared to the lettuce in their own garden plot. I know that this whole gardening thing is old hat to SO many folks out there, but I’m finding it so amazing.

Me, the gardening neophyte, might just be on her way to a green thumb. Well, at the very least, a green-er thumb.

Now the real test begins. Will my garden grow?


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