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From the Garden Plot: Plan B
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Written by Alicia Ghio   

It’s in! It’s in! With all the beautiful weather lately there was no better time like the present to… that’s right …go play in the dirt and get my garden together.


First things first: The original spot we planned to use for the garden? Not going to work. Once the trees blossomed there just wasn’t going to be enough sun. So it was a last minute decision to go to Plan B. One thing I’ve found so far in this garden adventure is that it is great to have a plan, but you have to be ready to go with the flow and adapt.

So with Plan B in effect, we built the raised bed, marked out the individual square feet for planting, and put up the fence. Oh, that fence! Yes, I have discovered for myself that, it’s so true, New England soil is just plain rocky. In every place a fence post was supposed to go, and I mean every place, we ran directly into rocks. Needless to say, there was lots of digging and I am very thankful my husband offered to help.


It was hot! It was sweaty! It was done in a couple hours!

Next, in went seeds for Swiss chard, kale, radishes, and carrots. We gave them a good soaking and now have our fingers crossed that something sprouts. And speaking of sprouts, I have a plethora of happy tomato, tomatillo, and pepper seedlings soaking up the sunshine in the dining room. There has been one disappointment, however.  Unfortunately, none of my eggplant seeds germinated. Not one eggplant sprout in any of the various seed starting methods I tested. Not sure what went wrong. I guess eggplant will just have to be one plant we get from the local nursery. C'est la vie!

Now for my competition: Thanks to Mom handling the heavy labor, Jenna has her garden going too. Truth be told, I’m nervous about this friendly competition. It looks like things are growing great. Her excitement and interest in this adventure, to me, is wonderful. What an incredible learning experience how terrific for her to get in touch with where food comes from. This is a lesson more adults need to learn, let alone children. She might be my competition, but I hope her garden rocks.


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