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From the Garden Plot: Sowing the Seeds
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Written by Alicia Ghio   
I never would have thought going through seed catalogs would be so much fun. Once my order was in, I literally was giddy awaiting the arrival of my seeds.

Of course when they got here I suddenly was filled with anxiety. This is real. I need to nurture these tiny things into thriving plants. It’s kind of amazing. I just told myself to take a deep breath and go for it.

So, it was with much excitement and trepidation that I officially took the next step in my garden plan. The seeds are started.

So far I’ve started cayenne peppers, black Hungarian peppers, emerald giant bell peppers, golden Marconi peppers, and long purple eggplants. Next up are four kinds of tomatoes and the tomatillos. Then, from what I’ve read, I can direct sow the remaining seeds: rainbow Swiss chard, red Russian kale, German giant radish, Blue Lake bush beans. 

What’s obvious is that I went completely overboard with my seeds. However, I figure with quantity on my side I have a better chance of getting something, anything, to grow. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it.
Since I wasn’t sure of the best way to start my seeds I decided to try a variety of seed starting kits. The first round of seeds are in an APS Seed Starter Kit with organic seed starting mix from Gardeners Supply. And yes, just about as much dirt got on the floor as got in the little sections. I also have the Jiffy Seed Starter Kit and a Cowpot Vegetable Success Kit. And, as per expert advice, I’ve set up a flourescent shop light to help my seedlings along.

There also is a new development in this garden adventure. I have been challenged … by a 4-year old! 
That’s right, the daughter of my childhood best friend has declared it “A Battle of the Backyard Gardens”! Armed with her Dora The Explorer garden gloves and tools, she too has started seeds: lettuces, peppers, and sugar snap peas. Should I feel threatened? Well, if she’s anything like her mother, I have a battle on my hands. Quite frankly, I love it! Bring it on.



  1. Nice post! Please let me know if you might possibly be curious to see our rooftop herb garden here @ Rendezvous. You would be welcome to visit anytime!

    More info: Link Text and click on Chef's Blog to read.

    Happy gardening! - Steve
  2. Dear Miss Alicia,

    My garden is planted outside now. Mommy built me a 6' x 6' planter box. I took some great pictures of her with the pick ax!

    Everything is organic (even the manure!). I planted strawberries, green bell peppers, brussel sprouts (Daddy's favorite vegetable), cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, bok choy, and sugar snap peas.

    I can't wait to eat my salad. YUMMY!

    Bring It On! - Your "Princess In Training"
  3. I'm not taking sides, but you do have a real battle on your hands. And if Jenna loses, the tantrum will be heard 'round the world.

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