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LIS Quickpost: Beet Garlic Scape Slaw
Right Food for the Season - Early Summer
Written by Leif Green   

I can't get enough of garlic scapes when they are around, so I find ways to incorporate them into just about everything.  My rule is: buy now, figure out what to do with them later.


Here's a suggestion: Look at your bunch of beets, count them, and make sure you have 2 garlic scapes for every one beet. This ratio, plus a little olive oil and salt and pepper, will create a terrific, versatile slaw.

I used the slaw to top a cheeseburger fresh off the grill. The sweetness of the beets, and the garlic flavor of the scapes work well together, and also add a bit of textural interest to the burger. 

Finely chop your scapes, cutting off the "flower" end as well as the tough, stringy bottom (cutting an inch and half or so will generally suffice), and add them to a hot sauté pan. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of olive oil over the scapes, keep the heat at medium/high, and sauté the scapes for 10 minutes.  While the scapes are working in the pan, remove the skin of the beets, and finely chop. Add the beets, and an additional tablespoon of olive oil, and cook until the beets are tender.  By this point, the scapes will also be ready. A little salt and pepper to taste, and there's your slaw! 

If you are a vegetarian, or simply want another idea, consider using this slaw as the topping to a homemade pizza.  It is delicious, and I highly recommend making this a "white" pizza, using only a bit of olive oil, cheese, and the slaw to top the crust.


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  1. this was a delicious way to use up a couple of the beets that are multiplying in my fridge from my CSA box. i put yellow, red, and striped ones in, and it was gorgeous. added one jalapeno and it became "chutney." great on eggs, meat, potatoes. thanks for the idea!

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