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A Corn Salad Improv
Right Food for the Season - Early Summer
Written by R. Patrick Kent   

The corn is coming in by the truckload now and, since it's only my wife and me with a CSA share for a family of four, we can only have so much corn on the cob. When we had four ears each in the last share I thought I'd whip together a quick corn salad with a little heat. I thought it came out pretty nicely so I decided to post the basics for others to tinker with.  I steamed the corn on the stove and dropped it in an ice bath to cool it down, but I'd bet this would be even better if you threw the corn on the grill for 8 - 10 minutes in the husk. Once it was cooled down, I cut the kernels off into a large mixing bowl and then I checked the refrigerator to see what else I could add... Jalapeños? Great, a little heat. I diced a handful of those and added them to the corn. Leftover sausage? We had grilled up some homemade sausage the previous night and I had a few left so I cut them up into bite-size pieces and added them to the bowl. Any turkey, chicken or pork sausage would work equally well. Now it needed an aromatic...


I was thinking garlic and onion, but didn't have any onions left. A shallot filled in nicely for both of them, diced and mixed in with the rest. Checking the cupboard, I pulled a can of pinto beans to drain and add to the salad. I'm sure black beans would do as well.


To dress it: 

3 - 4 tablespoons of olive oil

2 -3 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

1/2 teaspoon of cumin

1/2 teaspoon of chili powder

salt & pepper

To give it some more color and flavor I chopped up a handful of cilantro I had leftover, too.  Once it was all mixed together and set for a few minutes it made a wonderful dinner but would also make for a great side dish...



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