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Radish and Cucumber Salad
Right Food for the Season - Early Fall
Written by Jon Ross-Wiley   

Sometimes you just need something simple and refreshing to start a meal or to satisfy that inner voice that says, "Give me something healthy, please!"  This dish is unbelievably easy, especially if you are not finicky about presentation.  It just so happens, though, that I am quite finicky when it comes to presentation, so the plate you see in the picture is the result of a process that took three times longer than it should have.  Keep in mind that, all told, we are still only talking about 15 minutes.  I used the prep period for this dish to test my knife skills a bit.  Producing uniform slices is not a requirement for this recipe, but they sure do look nice on the plate. To that end, it is important to select your produce wisely.  Make sure that, if you intend to plate this dish as opposed to mixing it all together in a bowl (same taste, different look), you find radishes and cucumbers with similar diameters.  Allandale Farm in Brookline was my supplier for this dish, and they had many sizes of their own cucumbers and radishes from which to choose.  Do your best.  I'm not watching.


This recipe is a four step process.  Thinly slice the radishes and cucumbers. (If you are going to plate them, do it now.)  Splash them with rice vinegar.  Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper.  I also finely chopped one slice each of the cucumber and radish to add a little color to the plate. That's it.  This salad has a nice, crisp bite to it care of the radishes, and the vinegar dressing complements it perfectly. 

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  1. Yum. Was just trying to think about how to deal with all the radishes in my fridge. Thanks for this easy suggestion, Jon! I can even make it at work (yes, I keep the office fridge well stocked with vinegar and good salt and pepper...)

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