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Sharing My Voice
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Written by Jon Ross-Wiley   
Hello, Local In Season faithful and new friends.  The following post is my first submission in the Project Food Blog Challenge.  For this challenge, my charge was to give my readers a sense of why I blog about food and why I believe I should be the next Project Food Blog Star. I hope you enjoy the post, wish me luck, and hopefully, I'll earn your vote!



Many a night, over the course of the last 16 years, my good friend and college classmate, Patrick Kent, and I dreamed up any number of business ventures that we felt were viable and, of course, would lead to an early retirement for both of us.  I mean, who wouldn't want a customized foosball table, right? Gold mine! Not exactly. Patrick and I never followed through on this idea, or any other of our late-night moments of "genius", and I used to think it was because we didn't have the initiative.  As it turns out, we had initiative in spades...we just weren't passionate about the products. We didn't feel like we could stand proudly behind the concepts.  In reality, we were dealing with "schemes" rather than leading with our interests and hearts. We needed to put this notion of "the big idea" away, and let things develop more organically. 

In 2008, initiative and passion came together, and the concept for our website, Local In Season, was born. Our website celebrates local and seasonal foods, the people that produce and use them, AND what the home cook can do with them.  Since going "live" just over a year ago, we have enjoyed seeing others join us in this celebration.  We have a veritable fleet of talented writers helping us along our way (many of whom are also contestants in the Project Food Blog Challenge...good luck, all!), and we so appreciate the thousands of people who have come to the site well over 13,000 times. We are so grateful.

So, why then, should I, one member of the team, be the next Project Food Blog Star?

Because while Local In Season is the platform I share with others, I believe my posts on the site have a voice that is unique to me.

Hear a segment of my "Beets Stacks" post here:

Spending the day at various farmers' markets and talking with the people whose hands sowed the seeds for my evening meal is beyond humbling. These people, in my mind, are celebrities. When I write, I want you to feel the same way. Being that I am an educator by trade, I want to bring people along with me when I write, and my posts are my way of talking to you about my love affair with food. I share with you how I work with food, and hope that you'll run with it, take some risks, and make my dishes your own. After all, food can be a very personal thing. Sure, I love to cook and eat, but researching, photographing, and writing about food has become an obsession.  My sincere hope is that, when people read my words and view my photos, they not only say, "That sounds delicious," but they also say, "I'd like to spend some time at Jon's kitchen table."


Clearly, there is a prize at stake here, but I have learned that, when the payoff is the driving factor, the passion is lost.  Instead, I enter this contest hoping that I'll find more people who want to hear what I have to say about local and seasonal foods, and for whom a meal is more than just sustenance.   


With that, I invite you, by way of my blog, into my home, into my kitchen, and to a seat at my kitchen table. Dig in.

Please consider voting for me in the 2010 Project Food Blog Challenge.

With appreciation,





  1. Wishing you all the best!...I like that it's simple and sincere . :)
  2. Absolutely perfect!!
  3. Good luck to my competition! Happy local eating!
  4. Good luck, Local In Season!
    -- Rob
  5. you have OUR vote - such a great source you have been for the craft of cooking with LOCALFOOD! keep it going!
  6. You have my vote. Love your blog. Good luck in the competition.
  7. hey ya! you have a lovely blog here. Stumble upon your blog through foodbuzz. :) I voted for your blog. hope that helps. feel free to drop by!!

    have a lovely weekend
    jen @ www.passion4food.ca
  8. Thanks ALL for your comments and votes! With deep gratitude!


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