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The Local In Season Philosophy

If you're here, you're part of a quiet revolution. "Slow Food," "Locavore", or whatever you choose to call it. For some, it's about community. For others its about conservation, sustainability, or even health. All are great reasons to eat locally, but at Local In Season, it's about the food. Local food that is in season is better quality, and with a little knowledge, the meals you make will simply taste better. LIS is about providing you with that knowledge. It's simpler than you think. The great French chef, Alain Ducasse, has said that eighty-five percent of great cooking is starting with great ingredients. We are not great chefs, just amateurs with enthusiasm, but we whole-heartedly agree...


About Jon Ross-Wiley, Co-Founder

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A professional educator for 20 years, Jon has made food his working textbook for much of his adult life.  Dining out, experiments with new ingredients, and menu studies are all pieces of the life-long learning process that has led Jon to Local in Season. Unusual flavor combinations and ingredients always seem to find a way back to Jon's home, and cooking is a cathartic labor of love.  Good food, and the art of selecting and preparing it, is a way of life of life for Jon, and LIS has been just the right outlet to share this passion.

About R. Patrick Kent, Co-Founder

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A financial analyst and amateur musician and cook, Patrick enjoys bringing analytical reasoning and playful creativity to the kitchen. His journey to Local In Season began after eating a wonderfully simple and exquisite green salad at an expensive resturant, after which he asked the question: why can't I eat like this at home? So began the process of teaching himself to cook by working through "The Professional Chef" and "Jacques Pepin's Complete Techniques." Now, anytime someone asks, "What is your favorite thing to make?", his answer is "something out of nothing" - turning a few scraps of leftovers and whatever was at the farmer's market or fresh in the backyard into a restaurant-quality meal... making the everyday sublime...

About Jane Ward, Writer
Jane graduated from Simmons College in 1983 with a degree in English Literature, the desire to write novels, and the promise of a job with one of Boston's premier catering companies.  Jane has been a caterer, corporate party planner, and baker, but now currently writes full-time.  She is at work on her third novel, a weekly food blog , and a food memoir: TATTOOED WITH FOOD (a life indelibly inked by cooking and eating).
About Lara Zelman, Writer
Lara is a graduate of Boston University and works full time as a marketing manager.  Whether it’s family gatherings, vacations, dinners at home, holiday parties, or just a regular weekend, Lara's goal is to make the food a part of the experience.  In her spare time she visits farmers markets for interesting ingredients, blogs (www.goodcookdoris) about her adventures in the kitchen, and finds time to fit in a few rounds of golf.  She is currently pursuing an master's degree and working on a plan to make her passion for all things food-related a full-time adventure. 

About Michelle Collins, Writer
Michelle Collins is a freelance food writer based out of Arlington, Massachusetts. She is a regular contributor to The Nashua Telegraph in Nashua, N.H., and her work has also been featured in The Boston Globe, The Arlington Advocate, Edible White Mountains Magazine and Parenting New Hampshire Magazine. Outside of print, Michelle also has her own money conscious food blog called The Economical Eater


What's In Season? 


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